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Venezuelan Buyers Contributing to Miami’s Housing Performance

The housing market in Miami is booming to say the least. And with the current political climate in Latin America, many buyers are flocking to the city to look for a safe place to put their assets.

It’s no secret that the majority of homebuyers in Miami are foreigners and many of them are Venezuelan.

The Miami Association of Realtors tracked the sales of homes in Miami to foreign buyers in 2006. They found that those from Venezuela bought more properties that other Latin Americans and nationalities.

The frenzy started in 1998 when Chavez started running the country. The pro-working-class president was seen by wealthy citizens as a tyrant. Fearing the potential unrest in the 2012 reelection, many Venezuelan looked to Miami’s housing market as a potential safety box for their wealth.

Even after his death, the appointment of his successor, Nicholas Maduro, ignited renewed fears and caused more home buying in the city.

After such frenzied home-buying, Miami became an attractive housing market inviting big-ticket investors from all around the globe. This combined with the recent recovery of the country’s economy provided Miami’s real estate market quite a boon with sales jumping double-digits during the first quarter of 2013.

Currently, the inventory of homes available is decreasing faster than it’s being replenished. As an answer to the increase in the demand, more and more projects are being planned all around the cities. Soon to rise in Miami are several high-rise towers specifically catered to the tastes of its Latin homebuyers.